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David Robert

About Me

My name is David Robert, I am a Full Stack web developer from Israel.
At the age of 14 while slacking around, playing online Flash games, I started getting curious of how it works behind the scenes. Several months later I was already dragged into the programming world, developing flash games and programs. A couple of years later I decided to try my luck in website development, which I also found to be surprisingly enjoyable.
What started off as hobby turned into a university degree, where I earned the nickname 'Twichy' for my restlessness during lectures. Currently I am working as a freelancer in my own agency and gaining more and more experience and great clients as I go. I am always on the lookout for new challenges.
So go ahead and give me one!

How I Work


Good quality design is an integral part of any project whether it is a website, a mobile application or a game. Every project I take on starts with a wire-frame sketch to ensure optimal placement of all of the required functionality and ends up with clean and responsive goodness.


I write and test most of my code myself to minimize the libraries and plug-ins in the websites I make. This way I ensure fast page loads, reliable scripts and safe content. I also try to keep up with the constantly evolving web developing world by learning new technologies as they come.


The On-Site SEO optimization starts with the design and works its way to the code. While it is important to make sure the HTML code is 100% valid, it is also important to remember that keywords, metadata and great content is what makes a page worthy of a high search result position.

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Whether you are looking for a way to easily manage your application or just need a simple lightweight CMS for your website... Look no further! We specialize in making clean, easy to use and proffesional dashboards for any purpose you might need in PHP/Node.js and with your choice of client side tecnology.

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Wordpress is the most commonly used CMS in the world and for a good reason. The clients find it very easy to use and the developers love how you can edit and costumize pretty much everything. I make every kind of wordpress sites starting from simple one pagers and ending in large E-commerce full-featured shops.

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Sometimes you need a highly custom website/web application or even a mobile application. In this cases it might be difficult to find someone to take up the job, especially if you are not 100% set on the featues. Feel free to contact me and have a chat about your project, even if i can't help directly ill be glad to give free consultation.

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